Parents & Other Concerned Adults: Do you think you would know if your child was using substances? If you walked through his/her bedroom right now, would you be able to spot "red flags" for substance use? How confident are you about your knowledge of current drug trends and paraphernalia?

If these questions make you uneasy just thinking about them, let us help. If you feel super confident about them, let us challenge you. Either way, consider taking part in the Mock Bedroom presentation.

Mock Bedroom is an innovative presentation where you and a group of other parents/caregivers/concerned adults get to ransack a typical youth bedroom, looking for things that might alert you to a possible substance use issue. This activity is followed by a presentation which shows each of the "red flags", explains their use and enlightens participants regarding new drug trends. It also shares some local statistics and includes tips for talking to youth about alcohol and drugs.

Interested in a Mock Bedroom presentation? We'll come to you. All we require is an area to stage the room, an area for a PowerPoint presentation, a minimum of 30 minutes to present (an hour is even better!) and a willing audience.

The presentation works for groups of all sizes. The format may need to be modified slightly based upon the group, but we're flexible!
For more information about Mock Bedroom, call us at 785.266.8666 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Want to make an even bigger impact? Pair Mock Bedroom with another prevention program, or make it a series! MADD's Power of Parents (offered by Safe Streets) and PARS' own condensed version of Do You See What I See? are great compliments to the Mock Bedroom experience! As us about them!

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